Pin-Loom Garment Challenge 2023

When the Weave-It pin loom was introduced in the 1930ties, it was advertised as a tool to create essential items, rather than a hobby item. The pattern booklets that followed over the next few decades for this and other pin looms were filled with “useful” projects, mainly clothing items for babies to adults, and home décor.

Today we use pin looms mostly for leisure and enjoyment. Only a few weavers enter the realm of larger projects and wearables.

This challenge is intended to encourage pin-loom weavers to explore more of the amazing abilities of small looms … it is my hope that it will be an incentive to make beautiful, wearable clothing items on our little looms!

The Challenge in a Nutshell …

What: Weave a pin-loom garment.

When: Start any time and finish by November 23, 2023 to be eligible to win a prize.

Where: We will chat about our garment weaving projects and do regular progress check-ins in the Pin Loom Weaving Support Group on Facebook and the Pin Loom Garment WAL 2023 discussion board on Ravelry.

Why: Mostly to make something that you can wear! But you can win to have your finished project professionally photographed by Gale Zucker, who photographed my recently released Ditta Vest pattern, pictured below.

The Details …

To participate in the Challenge, make any of the following clothing items:

  • Coat/Jacket
  • Dress
  • Skirt
  • Pants/Shorts
  • Poncho
  • Sweaters
  • Top/Tee
  • Vest

Use any pin loom(s). Any shape or combination of shapes is fine. Your looms should not be larger than 12″ in side length.

Use any yarn(s). Commercial or handspun or a mix … any yarn is fine.

Use any pattern. I put together a Pattern Resource Guide for your inspiration. However, you may use any pattern, including your own.

You can use additional crafting methods like crocheting, knitting, machine sewing to complete your garment. A garment should be at least 50% pin-loom woven to be eligible to participate in the prize drawing.

Finish your garment in 2023. If you already started but have not finished yet, you can still enter the prize drawing.

If you have never made a larger project, you might find this Project Planning Guide useful. This guide walks you step by step through the things you need to think about for planning your project, including estimating a timeline to finish your garment in time for the prize drawing.

Post about your project progress in either of the groups mentioned above or on social media, using the hashtag #PinLoomGarmentChallenge2023. Your photo of your finished project will be added to our Pin-Loom Garment Challenge 2023 Pinterest board , which is where we will determine the winners.

There are two photo-shoot prizes: A jury will choose the best garment (the criteria are workmanship and appeal). There is also one prize that will be determined randomly out of all submissions.

If you have further questions, please check the FAQ page. If you don’t find the answer there, please contact me!

Come weave with us!

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